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The Future Lies With Our Youth 

FYP Houston Scholarship

FYP Houston understands the significance of scholastic achievement in attaining success within an increasingly specialized job market. However, we also emphasize the value of cultivating cross-cultural relationships, as they contribute to the development of mutually beneficial social and professional connections.

At FYP, we acknowledge that cross-cultural exchange and diversity inclusion foster an environment that welcomes fresh ideas, which serve as the foundation for innovation. This commitment ensures that the professional market in Houston remains vibrant and forward-thinking, positioning it as one of the most dynamic in the United States. Nevertheless, innovation in any field requires individuals with new perspectives and ideas, who must be guided towards the appropriate career paths that ignite their passion.

With this in mind, FYP is dedicated to assisting aspiring young professionals in finding their true calling. We achieve this by providing a diverse network of seasoned professionals who can offer guidance and support. After all, who better to help a newcomer find their path than someone who has already walked that very same journey?

In pursuit of our mission, FYP Houston is thrilled to announce the opening of our scholarship application, offering aspiring young professionals the opportunity to further their education and pursue their dreams. Every year, we offer three scholarships amounting to $2000 each, to students who exhibit excellence, dedication, and service. Applications typically open on the January of the the awarding year, and are awarded in October of that year. All scholarship applications or questions should be sent to

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