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Together We Have

Together We Have


FYP believes everyone deserves access to quality education. It is the most powerful weapon we have to change the world.

The Future Lies With Our Youth 


FYP wants to do its part to help encourage them to fulfill their potential and become productive citizens of the local and global communities. 


FYP Provides Local and International Scholarships in the Philippines to recognize and reward students who best represent its mission of fostering unity, culture, friendship, networking, and philanthropy.

Everything starts with a desire for a better life and a better world.

FYP Scholarship

​FYP recognizes that scholastic achievement is a significant part of achieving success in an increasingly specialized job market. However, FYP also recognizes the importance of fostering cross-cultural relationships to develop mutually beneficial social and professional relationships.

FYP recognizes how cross-cultural exchange and diversity inclusion invites new ideas – the building blocks of innovation to ensure that the Houston area professional market remains one of the most vibrant and forward-thinking in the United States. But innovation in any field requires people with new ideas and new perspectives to be introduced to the correct career path that ignites their passion.

FYP strives to help aspiring young professionals find their path by providing a diverse group of professionals to network with – because who better to help a new entrant find his or her path than someone who has walked it before?

We Give Student Scholarships

The FYP Scholarshp Fund has impacted the lives of students locally and in the Philippines

Scholarship Donation
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