FYP Board to be Restructured

This past Wednesday, in an historic unanimous vote, the FYP Board voted to restructure the positions on the board. The new structure will begin in 2017 and reduce the number of members from the 20 current members to 8.

The new board positions will be as follows:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • General Council

  • Community Outreach Director

  • Fundraising & Revenue Director

  • Communications & Marketing Director

Each board member will have committee chairs that report directly to them.  These chairs will each be appointed by the board members and will be responsible for specific tasks in the organization. The purpose of the restructuring is to streamline the decision-making process and help make FYP one of the most influential Filipino organizations in Houston.

The current board is very excited about the legacy this will leave on FYP. The restructuring is unique in that the organization is at a high point coming off the unprecedented success of its Houston Filipino Street Festival. Typically organizations would look to expand their governing body with the strong growth of the membership. In this instance, however, becoming a smaller board with more individual responsibility could be an extremely forward-thinking proposition. 

Election of the new board will begin later this month with the new board to be announced in December. 

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