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Welcome to FYP! Thank you for your membership and support of The Filipino Young Professionals of
Houston (FYP)! Below you will find answers to the most common questions asked about FYP.

Who is FYP?
The Filipino Young Professionals of Houston, or “FYP”, is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that was founded in
2009 in Houston, TX. This organization is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds who are of Filipino
heritage or simply, those who have an interest in the Philippines or Filipino culture. Originally created as an
avenue to promote the Filipino culture to young professionals in Houston, FYP has now evolved to engage,
connect, and empower professionals from all over the world!

What are my membership benefits?

  • Members-only FYP T-Shirt

  • Networking with other young professionals

  • Participation in professional development

  • Involvement in philanthropic initiatives in our local and international communities

  • Free entry to many FYP events

  • 10% off Vacations to Go

How long do I have my membership benefits?

Your membership benefits are effective as of the date of your dues payment and will expire in one year. To renew or upgrade your membership, please visit

How do I get my members-only FYP T-Shirt?

You can pick up your FYP t-shirt (as well as purchase other FYP merchandise) at the next FYP event you attend. At this time, t-shirts cannot be mailed.

Who are the FYP Board and Leadership?

  • President: Stella Manalo

  • Vice President: Noureliza Montifar

  • Secretary: Trish Roasa

  • Treasurer: Jodie Sabino

  • Risk Management: Clarissa Salazar

  • Fundraising Director: Cristina Mabagos-Loria

  • Youth Outreach Director: Catherine Shepard

  • Cultural Outreach Director: Sarah Bronson

  • Membership Director: Elma Loeser

  • Filipino Organization Outreach Director: Mylene Supan

  • Houston Filipino Street Festival Coordinator: Auggie Ocampo

  • Marketing Director: Ulysse “Yoy” Loquinte

  • Island Warrior Captain: Scottie Chen

  • Historian: Aubrey Garibay

Thank you again for joining FYP! We are not just an organization… we are pamilya! We look forward to seeing you at any of our upcoming events! If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us at


FYP Houston Leadership

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